Printed Shrink Sleeves

Printed Shrink sleeves are successful in a wide range of markets largely due to their aesthetic appeal and functional versatility. These highly attractive labels are digitally printed on a flexible shrink film that reduces in size through the application of heat. Once the film shrinks, it conforms tightly to the shape of the container or product, creating a sleek label and product package. With a 360 degree display of brilliant artwork and text, shrink sleeves give products maximum aesthetic impact and marketing exposure.

  • Maximum artwork area and 360-degree display.
  • Impressive graphics and point of purchase appeal.
  • Packaging solutions for complex container shapes.
  • Tamper evident feature for food and pharmaceutical products.
  • Multiple products can be packaged together for promotions.
  • Cast PVC / pet Shrink Film (Shrink-label films) can cover the entire body of the product allowing for printing of more information and intricate designs.
  • The print quality is outstanding. Access to reverse print protects labels from scratching and wear while preserving a high-gloss finish.
  • Shrink films go well with peculiar shaped containers.
  • Full-body shrink labels can display the product inside and allow you to create easy opening, tamper-evident seals.

Available Combinations

  • Pet films (Imported films and very few in the industry deal in this)
  • Cast films (If the client is too discerning about design and printing quality)
  • Blown films (Most commonly used film in the industry; suggested for normal printing)

Allowed Extension ( jpg, png, gif, doc, pdf )
Allowed Extension ( jpg, png, gif, doc, pdf )