Spout Pouch

Spout pouch is able to provide flexible packaging options for all fluid products. It is a safer packaging solution which ensures that the transportation of liquid products is easier and mess-free than glass packaging. We provide liquid pouches which are reliable, flexible, and safe for packing liquid products. We produce spout pouches high in transparency also which are able to enhance clear product viewing.

We offer a wide range of spout pouches which are also known as extra fluid bags or oil spout pouch. We produce these pouches to meet the demand for liquid products of different market categories. We offer them as part of our stock and custom spout pouches selection, by printing up to 8 colors, with the use of the rotogravure technique. Custom pouches are helpful to create brand awareness and for the marketing of the products among more consumers. We make use of high-quality material within the production process which ensures that our pouches are leakage-proof and product friendly.

All the pouches are fixed with nozzles. These nozzles are fixed either at a 90-degree angle of the pouch or in the center of the pouch. You can choose from our various sizes for all nozzles. Wine spout pouches are inclusive of metalized layers to improve the shelf life of the goods.

maruthi plastics
Transparent stand up pouch with spout
maruthi plastics
Transparent stand up pouch with center spout
maruthi plastics
Aluminium Three Side Seal Spout Pouch