Embossed Copper Stand Up Pouch with Zipper/Window

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PRODUCT: Embossed Copper Standup Pouch with Zipper/Window

COLOUR: Front and back copper finish with window at front

THICKNESS: 75 microns



IDEAL FOR PACKING: Millets, Food Supplements, Cereals, Organic Product, Pet Foods, Herbal Product, Etc.

GRADE: Food grade

STORAGE: To be stored at room temperature

EXTRA INFO: Can be sealed using heat sealing machine, strong zipper and v-notch for easy tear.

PRINTING: Not available 

Our Embossed Copper Stand Up Pouch with Zipper/Window are made of high-quality material, which increases their strength and transparency. These pouch are copper embossed on both sides and it has a transparent window on the front which will help your product to be clearly visible to your customers. Each pouch comes with a zipper, so it can be reused. It comes with Topside open. Once you fill the product, you seal it from the top to close the mouth. These pouch ensure safe packaging and keep the item in its original condition for long, which makes them widely demanded in food industries. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes according to your requirements.

If you're confused about which pouch size matches your requirements, then Buy samples

Sizes in MM (W * L + BG)
#SKU Code - MP-EC-ST-ZP-50g
Prices / QTY - 100pcs/packs


PCS - 100

  • W - Width
  • L - Length
  • BG - Bottom Gusset
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Sizes in MM
(W X L + BG)
#SKU Code
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QTY - 100pcs/pack PCS AMOUNT Add to Cart
100-400 500-900 1000-4900 5000-Above
100x150+30BG MP-EC-ST-ZP-50g 7.56 6.80 6.33 6.12
100 756.00
120x200+40BG MP-EC- ST-ZP-200g 8.28 7.49 6.99 6.77
100 828.00
140x200+40BG MP-EC-ST-ZP-250g 9.21 8.40 7.91 7.61
100 921.00
150x220+40BG MP-EC- ST-ZP-350g 11.11 10.24 9.64 9.32
100 1,111.00
  • W - Width
  • L - Length
  • BG - Bottom Gusset
  • Free Shipping